Berilhan Medikal

Source of the Tissues

The tissues are procured by orthopaedic surgeons thru hospitals and private clinics that work with Biobank in Europe and preserved carefully then sent to bone bank.

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Fields of Usage

Berilhan Medikal grafts are available in applicable forms to use as bone void fillment and traditional bone renewal in ortopaedic surgeries, neurosurgery and stomatology.

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Supercrit® Technology

Supercrit®-process is a method based on delipidation of bone tissue by a non-toxic fluid, the supercritical CO2-state, associated with a chemical oxidation of residual proteins contained in the pores of the spongy tissue.

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Synthecon Incorporated

Synthecon Inc, is a biotechnology company specializes in designing and manufacturing of 3D cell culture systems.

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Bacterin Biologics

Bacterin is a biotechnology company that focuses on biological-based applications for orthopaedic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

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G.T.C. Bio Corporation

G.T.C. Bio is a company specializes in manufacturing of chitosan products to be used in water treatment, agriculture, cosmetics, textile and health food industry.

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